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  • Based on our policies, you will be able to buy any product(s) using EMI facility where applicable. We will display availability of EMI in the detailed product page.
  • At this moment, EMI is only available for online purchase(s).
  • To avail EMI, the value of the product should be at least BDT 5,000.
  • 0% EMI is now available for only 3 and 6 month's EMI.
  • For EMI availing, there will be a Convenience Fee added to the price applicable for 9 and 12 month's EMI. Convenience fee will be calculated on selling price based on the tenure of EMI period you will be selecting. The sum of Price and Convenience Fee can be less, equal or greater than the MRP.
  • Currently EMI is available for three, six, nine and twelve months of installments.
  • At this moment, this facility can be availed through the credit cards issued by following banks:
  1. Bank Asia Limited
  2. Brac Bank Limited
  3. City Bank Limited
  4. Dhaka Bank Limited
  5. Dutch Bangla Bank
  6. Eastern Bank Limited
  7. Jamuna Bank Limited
  8. Lankabangla Finance
  9. Mutual Trust Bank Limited
  10. NCC Bank Limited
  11. Southeast Bank Limited
  12. Standard Bank Limited
  13. Standard Chartered Bank Limited
  14. NRB Bank Limited
  15. Meghna Bank Limited
  16. SBAC Bank Limited
  17. Midland Bank Limited