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To start with who we are, we need to tell a few things about why we are here. Every Business starts with the problem identification. Bangladesh is moving so fast with the eCommerce industry but there are still few problems that we felt need to be addressed. The first problem we identified is the “Price”. There are so many eCommerce websites in our country yet same products are being sold in different and higher prices on different sites. The second problem is “Quality”. As customers are not having the chance of hands on checking of a product it is often found that they are served with low quality and in cases Replica products. The last problem we found to be addressed is “Service”. Currently customers are into dark when it comes to service. It is very unfortunate that in our country we have not established that every consumer has the right to take After Sale Services based on their requirements.

PQS is found by bunch of tech genius young entrepreneurs who believe that the industry needs to be transformed into a customer centric industry. PQS came as a form of Solutions to the problems we have identified. PQS stands for Price, Quality, and Service and through this Brand name we will offer the Best and Original Quality Products at the Best Price with the Ground breaking Pre-sale and After Sale Services.


We want to develop a customer centric eCommerce platform where customers will be able to fulfill their requirements with Best Quality Products at Lowest Market Price with a Promised and world Class After Sale Services.


We will become the Virtual IDB where people will come to fulfill their requirements while being at home or office.