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  1. Customer must be a salaried person.
  2. Salary must be paid through banks.
  3. Salary must be minimum 20k.
  4. Minimum 10% need to be paid as down payment.
  5. During application customer needs to upload some required documents.
  6. If IPDC and pqs.com.bd approve the application only then customer will get the delivery.
  7. During delivery customer has to make the down payment.
  8. Customer has to sign some documents during delivery.
  9. Customer needs to provide a cheque leaf of his account with the loan amount signature to the name of IPDC.
  10. Once the EMI is settled IPDC will return the Cheque leaf.
  11.  For now we are providing only 6 months 12 months and 18 months card less EMI through IPDC finance.
  12. Only for selected products customer can avail this facility.
  13. EMI can be paid through EFTN or Bkash.
  14. For the verification pqs.com.bd and IPDC need only 1 working day.
  15. Loan amount should be minimum 10k after down payment.